Teresa wrote her 1st song , "Departure", at the age of 14.   She was inspired by a mentor who encouraged to go beyond her limits to sing, write, perform, produce and record all her songs.  She built her 1st recording studio in a basement and then went onto get a degree in Audio Engineering.  She was among the limited few of women in the industry and was a pioneer in her time in the age of midi.  She moved to England  as a solo artist called "Andromeda".   She then  formed a duo called  "Faux Femme" .  They performed in London, Cyprus and NYC but disbanded.  She now is rehearsing with another artist doing 70's covers and some of her originals as she feels LOVE needs to be reached once again and music was always a venue.  "People need to feel love again and come to a place of  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ."  

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